What's the big idea?!

So I should probably explain the reasons why I started up this little blog, and what you can expect to see as I move forward with it.

The reason I'm here, writing away on a platform that seems to go against the trend of easily and quickly digested content is because, well, I miss having a place to stretch out a little. Instagram is great, don't get me wrong, but it's all so darned fleeting and impermanent! Blink and you've missed like seventeen cool things.

Put simply, I want a place where I can say more and leave it to the viewer to peruse at their own leisure.

Yep, I draw a lot of monsters!

That's the reason for this blog, here's what I intend to do with it!

Firstly, my big plan is to move deeper into being an illustrator. For a long time it's been something I've done whilst having a full-time job. Ideally, I want to flip that around so that, instead, I work as an illustrator full time. So that's my focus and my plan.

A picture book concept in the works.

I want to write and illustrate children's books, primarily, so that will be the heart of this blog. I will share ideas, concepts, stories, illustrations and even my quest to get an agent! I want to be really transparent about everything, showing the trials, tribulations and hopeful successes involved in the life of an illustrator trying to get somewhere in this field.

But as I mentioned in my first post, I want to be known for a particular kind of subject matter. From a very young age, my interest has always been in Faeries and Fantasy. Those genres are my passion and almost all of my creative output resides within them. It’s hard to explain how much those worlds permeate my creative life, but I sure will try to show just how much they do, in future posts.

My great epic! Lots more on this to come.

I’m all about the journey of creating stories and art and finding folks that want to see it. 
I really hope you join my on this journey!

Next: Gnomes!