I recently had a birthday. I'll not terrify you by revealing how old I turned (somewhere between being too old to take up skateboarding and not yet old enough to truly pull off wearing a knitted vest...), but I will tell you about what I have chosen to do with this marker of another year passed.

Put plainly, I have given myself the challenge of getting an agent by the time I turn another year older. 

It's a simple statement, but a difficult thing to achieve. Many people attempt it, few of them make it. I am determined to become one of the people that makes it. It will require a huge amount of work, less sleep than would be liked, more learning and growing, experimentation, adaptation, and lots of the artistic equivalent of perspiration. 

In one word, it's all about commitment.

I have that in spades. I have trucks full of that stuff. So it's time to make it happen, cap'n. There are stories to tell, pictures to draw, characters to create, worlds to reveal. The Realms of Faerie are coming!